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Pearadise Festival 2024
Simba April 4, 2024 12:00 am

Happy April everyone! Lets kick this month off with some eggciting contests! The Pearadise Festival is live from now till the 22nd of April! You will be able to particpate in the contests along with the site wide egg hunt that will start on the 5th.

You will be excited to know you will be able to obtain 3 leaves starting either today or tomorrow. This will be available for upgraded users only.

Florries Allergy Storyline
Egg Dress up
I Spy
Coloring Page - Art By Dire
The Choice is Yours

More to come:
Social Media Games

Every Contest will run from the 4th through the 22nd. Except The Choice is Yours event which starts on the 5th. I Spy will run on and off when staff have time to run a round.

Dates to remember:
Start of Pearadise Festival: April 4th
Egg Hunt: April 5th - April 14th
The Choice is Yours: April 5th - April 22nd
Weekend Chatter Thread: April 19th-April 21st
End of Pearadise Festival: April 22nd

Additional Notes:

Thread can be found here of the eggs +itmes.

Make sure to follow us on SM, if you can, for more fun and games and prizes!
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