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22,810,000 WC
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Charmanth 🦎🦁
April 21, 2024
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"So you're curious about Wajas' Auction House?  Here's a few snapshots of some of my favorite, recent auctions. You'll have to register with Wajas TODAY  to check out the rest! There's a lot to be tempted with... hats, potions, DNA, wajas, pets, clothing items and much more. You can even auction off your own collection for lots of money $$$"

"Divine Waja, High generation but wow! Look at those colors. Koi markings with a gorgeous gradient rainbow texture. It also has the Dragon Tail mutation. Gorgeous Divine Waja for sure! "

"Our newest breed, the Arctic Waja! You can tell a lot of thought went into this pupper as the base Arctic breed doesn't have so many mutations. This pup has Long Hair, Dragon Tail, Crystal and about ten other mutations! Wow! Also sports several Wajas' exclusive textures. "

"You can auction off any and all items you come across. This person is auctioning off past Wajas' Easter Eggs! If you crack those eggs open they're filled with all kinds of goodies! "

"This auction has RARE, old and retired items! Some of these you can't buy anymore. Those armor pieces were released over EIGHT years ago! Wow, Wajas is up there in age! "

"While exploring certain areas of Wajas, you may come across these little guys we call "Critters". Best name ever, right? #original. You can either equip these critters on your Wajas to explore the world of Wajas with them or you can display them proudly in your gallery! (Or maybe auction them off like this person is)"

"An Imp Waja! If I could be a different kind of Waja, I might choose to be an Imp. I just need to get a breed changing item, the Joker Card! That's how I could change breeds! 

Like what you see? Then register today and run on over to my auction house! Ask for Flash, the hottest, coolest Waja around.... HA! "