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Doodlecorns Magic 11 Comments
Zestu April 12, 2021 2:48 pm

Doodlecorns ID 41-55 will be digital only. We are going to release them sporadically tomorrow in the Doodlecorn shop.

If you already own a Doodle listed in the library, please hold off from buying any of these so we can give others a chance :)

This includes first time buyers buying multiple tomorrow. If you're a first time buyer, please just buy one for the day.

Come Wednesday, if any are still up you, and existing owners, are more than welcome to return to purchase additional ones then!

Doodlecorns are $20, Doodledergs are $50. Each Doodle that will be available is currently posted so you can look at their library page and/or test them out in the Custom demo.

Hoping this will level the playing field for other timezones and people who cannot afford shipping. Trying to make them more accessible!

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FLASH GAME: How is everyone's weekend?
Posted by Sadi ~ Marco!
Sadi ~ Marco! April 10, 2021 3:26 pm
Good afternoon all my beautiful Game lovers!

Today we're going to keep it simple! How is everyone's day and are you doing anything exciting? Either on Wajas or off.

Include your ID. I will draw 10 random ones to receive a Spring Doodle of Choice.

This will go until eh...4:10? So roughly 45 ish minutes? I'm popping off to do other things soon after that, so this is SUPER flash game!

I will staff only it once done. ♥
Last Call! 0 Comments
Sadi ~ Marco! April 8, 2021 8:59 am
This is the last call for the Pearadise Event. We will be locking all of the boards Saturday morning at 12 AM EST time. This includes the following contests:

The complementary, week long upgrade will also end then, as will the "Three leaves a day" perk that Laurel offered to clear out her inventory some.

We hope you had fun and enjoyed the perks, and we look forward to seeing you in future events!
200 users!
Posted by Sadi ~ Marco!
Sadi ~ Marco! April 6, 2021 3:51 pm
Hello everyone! Guess what just happened! THIS!

Look at that beautiful number! 200 people! Man!

To celebrate, lets do a small little thing.

Post below your user id. That's it. In 24 hours I will pick one random user who posted to receive a Silver in shop Token of Choice.

Please only post on one account, do not use your side to double dip. Remember, the way to enter is to post your ID!

Thank you everyone who has been with us, we love and appreciate every one of you!

EDITED IN: Forgot to put an end time. This will end 4/7 at 4 PM EST.
April Monthly Items! 8 Comments
Sadi ~ Marco! April 6, 2021 2:13 pm

April Monthly Items

Bonus Barn - Desert Runner Alpha
Gift of Activity - Desert Runner Talon Pendant
Leaf Exchange - Desert Runner Seed, Egg, Feather and actual bird

All of those were done by the lovely Estuko.

Additionally, we've added some dyes to the CWP shop. These will leave ON the 30th, automatically. So if you need them, get them now as we might not remember to give a reminder.

Leaf Exchange and the CWP shop may get a clean out soon, take this as your warning to get anything you want.

Lastly, the Pearadise Festival's last day is the 9th, make sure to get in if you were looking forward to that.