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It's your turn to judge! 4 Comments
Sadi ♥'s Thayet January 18, 2022 3:27 pm
Hello, hello y'all! You might have noticed, but the staff side of the FoF contests have gone up! Head on over to the polls to vote for your favorites!

Also, I need more dress ups for our Social Media Posts. Go here to post some! No limits on how many you post as I want to get through February done for scheduled posts. ♥

Finally, all the PLACEMENT prizes have been sent for the FoF. I am about to start participation prizes. Hang tight as I work on getting those out. You should see your prizes for any FoF events you partook in either tonight or tomorrow. Thank you for your patience!

- Sadi.
Ps. Drink your water.
Trophy Fix: Nicola's Takeover 3 Comments
CodeDragon 🔥 January 18, 2022 5:54 am

A couple weeks ago we made a change that accidentally awarded the Nicola's Takeover trophy to users who did not participate in that quest. We caught the bug within a few days and fixed it, but not before a bunch of trophies had been given out. This morning we took back the trophies that were mistakenly awarded, and apologize for the confusion.

The trophy was given to users who helped Nicola take over the lab from her boss back in 2016. You can read more about it on the Wajas Wiki.

Festival of Frost End Credits and Winners 8 Comments
Sadi ♥'s Thayet January 17, 2022 11:39 am
Festival of Frost Credits

Santa Apollo Items:
Wrapped Gift Foreground - Estu
Evening Tide Recolors - Estu
Holiday Plush Chicken - Sparra
Flaming Breath Recolors - Estu
Magic Snowglobe Recolors - Estu
Foxfire Recolors - Estu
Morning Snowfall Wallpaper - Estu
Sparkles Recolor - Estu
Holiday Plush Donkey - Sparra
Nymphen Set Recolors - Estu
Gingerbread Houses - Estu
Holiday Plush Goat - Sparra
Collar Spikes Recolors - Canta
Hanging Mistletoe - Girher
Dye Scripture - Tiki
Celestia the Unicorn - Estu
Terrestria the Unicorn - Estu
Gingerbread Forest Wallpaper - Estu
Winter Cloak - Danny
Holiday Plush Pig - Sparra
Comfy Bed Wallpapers - Canta
Red Hairbow - Canta

See this News Post for all ornaments released

Thank you Girher, Sparra, and Splinter!

Goblin Gift Exchange Box:
Luna Moth Box Rainbow - Estu

Christmas Gift:
Red Luna Moth Box - Estu

Festival of Frost Contest Winners
Please note, participation prizes and placement prizes haven't gone out yet, they will be the next thing on my list but may take a day or two (have things going on later this morning). Hang tight, I'll announce in the comments as I get everything done.

I will be pinging all of choice winners on the winner thread here in a bit, so be on the lookout for that to claim any of choice prizes. Please do not post your choice on this News Post or via PMs, keep them on the claim thread.

Digital Art:
First Place: Faeora/61248 - Silver IS Token of Choice
Second Place: Sitka / 2500 & Taylord / 364363 - 10 CWP
Third Place: Timidity / 350700 - 5 CWP

Writing Contest:
First Place: Sitka/2500 - Silver IS Token of Choice
Second Place: Chika/67109 - 10 CWP
Third Place: Midnight Hunter/363911 - 5 CWP

Traditional Art:
First Place: Sitka/2500 - Silver IS Token of Choice
Second Place: NK Shadow / 251738 - 10 CWP
Third Place: Taylord / 364363 - 5 CWP

First Place: Mialana/19386 - Silver IS Token of Choice
Second Place: Transberry / 227610 - 10 CWP
Third Place: The Amber / 367646 - 5 CWP

First Place: Elday / 255566 - Silver IS Token of Choice
Second Place: Taylord/364363 - 10 CWP
Third Place: Starbit/122477 & Enaliter/69239 - 5 CWP

First Place: anwyn/53238 - Silver IS Token of Choice
Second Place: Slytherin@Heart / 29463 - 10 CWP
Third Place: Enaliter/69239 & The Amber / 367646 - 5 CWP

Gifting Tree:
First Place: Jettali/127580 - Silver IS Token of Choice
Second Place: Charybdis / 267398 - 10 CWP
Third Place: Tessa / 34096 - 5 CWP

First Place: Taylord / 364363 - Silver IS Token of Choice
Second Place: anwyn 53238 - 10 CWP
Third Place: Enaliter 69239 - 5 CWP

Ugly Sweater:
First Place: Taylord / 364363 - Silver IS Token of Choice
Second Place: Pyromonster 33208 - 10 CWP
Third Place: ѕιnnnnerѕ / 74261 - 5 CWP

Impossible Design: **Boosted Prizes**
First Place: Joy / 5682 - Impossible Custom Made (Estu sent you this already)
Second Place: Kirudon 344833 & Mialana 19386 - Silver IS Token of Choice
Third Place: Ankaret (72150) - 10 CWP
Fourth Place: Temerair/192011 & Faeora / 61248 - 6 CWP
Fifth Place: Midnite / 23012 & Clannibal/21406 - 3 CWP

Coloring Minigame:
First Place: Ari/93654 - Silver IS Token of Choice
Second Place: Sitka 2500 - 10 CWP
Third Place: The Amber 367646 - 5 CWP
Participation: Doodlecorn Grumble

Festival of Frost Participation Prize
A huge shoutout to Kaen for getting these done for us. They look amazing. I'll be awarding all participants in each MAIN contest one of each per entry. The coloring minigame has it's own participation prize, and is not receiving one of these.

Thank you all for making this an awesome year! Please keep an eye out in the next few days for your turn to judge the staff FoF contests and for the end of year review!
NEW TRIVIA! 5 Comments
Amica Arbor January 9, 2022 3:09 am
Happy New Year! To celebrate, here's a bunch of questions all about things called New. Mr Arbor and I celebrate the New Year by taking drinks outside and watching the fireworks. We don't have many traditions, but this one's my favourite. Tell me about any New Year traditions you love?
Mutation Feedback and Discussion Thread
Sadi ♥'s Thayet January 7, 2022 7:39 am
We thank you all for taking the last few days to let the Mutations settle in and grow on you all a bit. As promised, here is the discussion board. Please be sure to read the information in the first post before posting anything. It holds important information on the kind of posts we are looking for on that thread.

Hope you all have an amazing morning!