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NEW TRIVIA! 9 Comments
Amica Arbor March 21, 2023 2:45 am
Been doing a bunch of fruit-based quizzes lately, so this one's all about berries.

Did you know that botanically speaking, a tomato is a berry? Feel free to share any more berry-based facts you may have.
Collar Marking Update - Velox 20 Comments
Bluee March 18, 2023 1:30 pm
Quick News Post to let you all know that the marking Collar on the Velox got an update. It was brought to our attention that the markings Collar and Throat were nearly identical. Collar was changed to be more similar to those of other breeds.


If you want to see this changes before refreshing a Waja, we recommend opening a demo of your Waja to view the change.
Mini Click Event and Arctic Token Reminder 4 Comments
Bluee March 16, 2023 6:19 pm

Have you guys noticed bags while clicking around the site? The event will run untill end of day March 18th

Also, a reminder that Arctic Tokens are due to leave the Token Shop at the end of day (11:59 pm Wajas time) on March 19th. Forest Tokens are set to go in at the beginning of the day on March 20th. --- I believe we have this setup to happen automatically, but as it's something new, bear with us if we run into any troubles. 

CWP Shop Additions and More 1 Comment
Bluee March 15, 2023 1:29 pm
Hey guys! Just a few quick things:

We've added Dye Clovers and Dye Clovers Lines into the CWP shop. They'll be there for the rest of the month!

Dye Ground Squirrel has been removed from the Mystery Dye and added to the Dye Emporium rotation. No other changes have been maded to the Mystery Dye. We're still monitoring prices.

And finally, just a quick update about the Fade Breeding Contest. The staff are working on judging the contest, and I'm hoping to have results posted in 2-3 weeks. If you haven't seen it already, I'm open to getting some feedback on the old Q&A thread.

I've already gotten a lot of good feedback and have a few things I'm definitely planning on changing for the future, but always open to more ideas ^^
1 comment
Feature Reminder
Charmanth the Strong March 9, 2023 7:58 pm
Hello, everyone! The staff team would like to remind you about a few important features that we think some users might not know about or feel comfortable using.  Please remember we set these features up so we can do our jobs effectively and address issues as soon as possible.
The first feature we'd like to remind you about is the Report Feature. In the forums, on individual wajas, and in messages, if you see something against the rules - any rule - PLEASE report it. Reports for things that seem small or things that are on the border of rulebreaking are not a waste of time. You won't get into trouble for reporting things (aside from spamming unnecessary reports and/or using the report function to harass a user). Even if mods are busy, when we have a spare moment we look at reports. It is why we are here, after all!
The second feature we'd like to remind you of is the modbox.  This can be found in the sidebar that appears on every page, in the same section as "Library" and "Help".  It has a flag glyph as its button.  If you see anything funky going on with the site that could be a bug, please report it in here. You will not get in trouble for miscategorizing a modbox report. It's usually faster to modbox things than to post in the Help forums, where staff (and some helpful users) will tell you to modbox anyway.  The modbox will also provide Code Dragon with additional information to help with debugging.
And last, but not least, Staff Review! This forum is where you can anonymously review the staff. (Only Estuko can see who posted) Be honest here, please. If there's something we could work on as staff, we would like to hear about it!  We want to provide the best experience we can as a team. So, whether you have a negative review (Please be constructive here), or want to share positives you want to see us keep doing, this is the place for it.
So please keep in mind these three relatively simple, but effective, tools that we staff use to do our jobs! We appreciate your help in keeping Wajas the best place it can be.