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December Monthly Items 2.0 + Site Raffles 11 Comments
Sadi-ly getting coal December 3, 2022 12:50 pm
December Monthlies Part 2.
Because these monthlies just couldn't be contained to one post!

We've got some big surprises for you! I know we just did the monthlies post yesterday, but we've added even more in! Minus the Bonus Barn, I just forgot to put that yesterday...

Fir Trees were done by Estu.
Wax was done by Canta and added to Wicke.
Other trees were done by Sparra.
Patches were done by Danny.

Festive Willow tree Wallpaper

Candle Wax Small Green

Candle Wax Large Green

Candle Wax Small Blue

Candle Wax Large Blue

Candle Wax Small Black

Candle Wax Large Black

Candle Wax Small Red

Candle Wax Large Red

Candle Wax Small

Candle Wax Large

Gift of Activity

Ornament Love Pear

Ornament Desert Rose White

Ornament Kite Blue

Ornament Scallop Yellow

Ornament Starfish Purple

Ornament Bubble Green

Fir Tree Blue

Fir Tree Green

Fir Tree Natural

Fir Tree Rainbow

Fir Tree Red

Fir Tree White

Joshua Tree

Kelp Bunch

Palm Tree

Cut Pine Sapling

Cut Pine Sapling Lit

Joshua Tree Lit

Kelp Bunch Lit

Palm Tree Lit

(I am just listing these since there are so many)
From Splinter:
Ornament Strange Pear
Ornament Normal Pear
Ornament Mutation Pear
Ornament Marking Pear
Ornament Male Pear
Ornament Ice Pear
Ornament Gender Pear
Ornament Apple Pear
Ornament Ancient Love Pear
Ornament Age Pear
Ornament Glitter Red
Ornament Glitter Green
Ornament Glitter Black

From Sparra:
Ornament Desert Rose Cream
Ornament Desert Rose Tan
Ornament Desert Rose Pink
Ornament Desert Rose Brown
Ornament Kite Apollo
Ornament Kite Green
Ornament Kite Orange
Ornament Kite Purple
Ornament Kite Red
Ornament Kite Yellow
Ornament Scallop Blue
Ornament Scallop Brown
Ornament Scallop Pink
Ornament Scallop Purple
Ornament Scallop White
Ornament Starfish Blue
Ornament Starfish Gray
Ornament Starfish Green
Ornament Starfish Yellow
Ornament Bubble Yellow
Ornament Bubble White
Ornament Bubble Purple
Ornament Bubble Pink
Ornament Bubble Blue

(CWP Raffle)

(WC Raffle)

(Item Raffle)

December has arrived!! Monthlies + other stuff! 9 Comments
Sadi-ly getting coal December 2, 2022 10:03 am
December Monthlies
Because you know I'm all about that wallpaper, bout that wallpaper, bout that wallpaper...

This month is the month of Wallpapers! Curtesy of Estu! She did phenomenal pumping these out for you and we hope you enjoy them!

Flower Field Entrance Wallpaper

Flowered Forest Path Wallpaper

Mountains Base Night Wallpaper

Mountains Base Sunrise Wallpaper

Flower Field Entrance Night Wallpaper

Flower Field Entrance Evening Wallpaper

Flowered Forest Path Evening Wallpaper

Flowered Forest Path Night Wallpaper

Sunrise Stream Painted Wallpaper

Mountain Base Painted Wallpaper

Sunset Stream Painted Wallpaper

Sunrise Stream Wallpaper

Sunset Stream Wallpaper

Flower Field Entrance Morning Wallpaper

Flower Forest Path Morning Wallpaper

Rolling Wintery Hills Blue Wallpaper

Rolling Wintery Hills Wallpaper

Additional note regarding the CWP Shop:
Dye Scripture (4 CWP) and Dye Startrail (2 CWP), will be in the CWP Shop for the month of December.

December Site Raffles

FoF Update
As some of you may have noticed from this news post, we've started FoF! FoF stands for "Festival of Frost" and you can learn more about how this event functions by visiting this library page. That said, I failed to post what the participation prize is for this year, so without further adieu, here it is - curtesy of Sparra!

That's all for now folks, see you next news post!
December Calendar, FoF Events, Gifting Tree, and more 2 Comments
Sadi-ly getting coal December 1, 2022 12:00 am
FoF Events

Main Events Run: December 1st - December 31st

Please set a reminder on your phone or calendar if you want to partake, while Sadi will try to remember to post a reminder before EOD on the 31st to get entries in, she will be with family during that time and may not have a chance to.

Writing Contest (main contest)
Paper Crafts (main contest)
Impossible Design Contest (main contest)
Winter Wreath (main contest)
Dress Up Bingo (main contest)

These will be moving out automatically using the auto mover, which means they will come out one every 10 minutes. Hang tight while the mover does it's job. We'll also be having a lot of minigames over the next month, as you can see by peeping this handy dandy Calendar!

Click for full size!

This is not the end all for our games, this is just a list of the guaranteed ones so you can try to plan ahead.
OS - On Site
SM - Social Media

  • With Santa Apollo's 12 Days Advent Calendar coming up, we would like to remind all users that you should not be using more than two accounts. We are very serious about this rule, so please be sure you're only partaking from two accounts.
    • Per the Friends and Family on the same IP rules, you cannot use friends or family to funnel goods. Funneling goods mean that multiple accounts claim WC or an item from an event and then all accounts send the received goods back to one account. Funneling goods and gifting are two completely different beasts and appear differently when staff is investigating any potential abuse. Gifting is occasional here and there stuff, funneling goods is constant transfers between accounts or bulk transfers between accounts. While gifting is allowed, funneling goods is not, and if it appears you are funneling goods, all accounts involved are subject to having their accounts frozen.
  • If you are gifting art under the Gifting Tree, all of the on site art rules apply. Failure to follow the art rules can result in a ban on drawing/selling art either temporary or permanent, a forum ban, and/or a fine. You should not be doing any of the following:
    • Tracing or heavily referencing other art.
    • Claiming line art as your own or removing credits on free to use line art.
    • When you reveal who did what art, you must credit the base that was used.
    • If you are unsure of any of the art rules or need help determining if something is too heavily referenced, our Mods PMs are always open and we are happy to help.
  • You do not need to be rich to gift using the gifting tree. It is possible to gift on a budget. Remember: even cheap gifts are good when a personal touch is added. Like I personally, am fine with a 1 WC gift that is accompanied by a thoughtful note. So if you are worried about not having the funds to gift, don't stress about cost too much and instead aim for a thoughtful touch that will make someone smile.
  • Please do not pester staff about when things will be judged and announced. Between October through the end of December we have a lot of events going on, and not all contests can be judged in a day. We'll aim to have all contests announced within 3-4 weeks from the end date (allowing 2 weeks to judge, 1 week to tally, and then another week for getting credits and winners announced. It does not usually take that long, but this is just to be safe).
NEW TRIVIA! 10 Comments
Amica Arbor November 28, 2022 1:42 am
Hello, wonderful Waja people!

Got some fragile but shiny questions about glass for you this time; hope you enjoy! Thanks to Term for checking and helping out :)

Hope you'll excuse the journaling, but this Friday just gone I found out my husband doesn't have cancer and I'm in love with the world right now. Wishing you all happiness and good news as we move towards the festive season.
Black Friday Games / Sale + Tree Update 3 Comments
Sadi-ly getting coal November 25, 2022 11:18 am
Good morning Wajas! For those who celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday, we hope you had a good time. For those working and/or shopping to you, stay safe and try to enjoy yourselves if possible.

Pleasantries aside, I'm here today to give y'all some reminders before I vanish into the kitchen to bake cookies for my Thanksgiving thing for tomorrow.

  • The games for the week can be found on the Minigame boards, they all end between the 26th and 27th, if you want to enter, get in now.
  • The Black Friday sale (including the dye, DNA, and Breed Changer sale in the CWP Shop and the discounted CWP from Aurum ends on the 28th. If there is anything you were going to buy, get it now!

Additionally, a few of you have already noticed, but our Gifting Tree complained a bit that no one loved it because it was only a basic tree, so it is now further customizable! Go to your Gifting Tree Settings to play with these options! Make sure if you're gifting art, you read this News Post.

That's all folks, tata for now!

PS: keep an eye out next week for the December Calendar and any need to know stuff about the upcoming month / FoF.