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October 4, 2023
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We forgot some exciting things! 12 Comments
Sadi-ly mia til 9/18 October 3, 2023 1:22 pm
  • Staff promotions
  • Staff hunt reminder + notes on changes
  • Raffle winners for site sub breed raffle
  • Forum area for forum Trick or Treat renamed
For this News Post! :)

Staff Promotions + Addition:
At the end of last month, some of our wonderful staff got promoted to the "Full Moderator" status!  A huge round of congratulations to:
  • Rizira
  • Jettalli
  • Fatal (artist/full mod combo)
In addition to this round of promotions, an old staff member is rejoining the team.  A big welcome back to:
  • Aero (web designer)
Feel free to post below congratulating/welcoming back!

Tossing a quick reminder that we are still on the hunt for more Forum Moderators and Artists.  For more information on this, you can read the full post here.  It is my recommendation you read the "So you want to be a mod" if you want to apply as a forum mod, and "so you want to be an artist" if you want to be an artist.  The information there is invaluable and will help increase the odds of your application being considered for one of the limited spaces.  Additionally, make sure you are paying attention to the areas that are required of you, expecially those applying for the postion of artist.

We made a few changes to the application last week, such as:
  • If you have submitted an application and it's still pending, you cannot submit another application until it has been rejected.
  • When your application has been rejected, the details you put in will be saved in the correct area on the application where you entered them so you can edit/change things down the road to potentially improve your application if you so wish.
  • The character count was increased from 2k characters to 10k characters.
Because of that last change, if you submitted an application early on, before the change, and wish to redo your application since you can now go into more detail, please let Sadi know and she can reject it so you can resubmit.

Applications will no longer be accepted after 10/12 at 11:59 PM.  I will post one more reminder about the hunt between now and then.  We look forward to reviewing your application!

Winners of Septembers Sub Breed raffle on site:
This would be the following people:
  • This Kane you Speak of (203012)
  • Cornbread (110787)
  • Sere Celeste (241) - You've sent yours I believe, I'll get to it ASAP.

Please message me, Sadi - 4591, to claim your custom sub breed.  Send the demo link for your sub breed of choice.  Please remember to follow all rules listed on the raffle.  If I do not hear back from you within this week I will PM you a check in.  

Forum ToT Area:
Two things regarding this area:
  • We renamed it from "Lights on / lights off" to "Trick or Treat".
  • We've closed all threads from last year - if we missed yours, please let us know.  If you intend on eventually using the buttons that will pop up later this month (see previous news post for more information on that), if this Sadi is remembering correctly, the buttons only work on threads made after October 1st of the current year.

That's all for now folks.  Tata, have a great Tuesday!

October Monthly Items & Sept. Recap 12 Comments
Sadi-ly mia til 9/18 October 2, 2023 12:31 pm
  • Bulk price and rename feature
  • Updates to Staff Application made
  • CWP buying limit added
  • Can now link to cave sub groups (link is found on edit subgroup page)
  • A handful of behind the scenes stuff
  • New "top hat" name randomizer on Wajas page
  • Park flavor text improved when flagging
  • Wajadex improvements
  • Users shops can be filtered by item type
  • Item names started being updated for better searching (fatal)
For the month of September

A quick note.  For the month of October only.  Upgraded users get to pick THREE leaves off of the pear tree daily.  So make sure you remember to pick your leaves!

Coming Soon/Misc Changes made:
  • Behind the scenes work on upcoming features with these code tags: wajasSP, wajasRK, wajasBA and wajasPM
  • Two of these four statements fits something coming soon to a Wajas near you, can you guess which two: Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.  Drop your guesses in the comments!


October Monthly Items

Dragon in a Pumpkin

Hatchling Egg Autumn

Flock of Mourning Doves
(Sparra and Fatal)

Flock of Pigeons

Birdseed Bag

Park Bench Green

Street Lamp Lit

Street Lamp Round Lit

Paved Park Path Night Midground

Paved Park Path Midground

Cherry Tree Fall Midground

City Park Autumn Foreground

City Park Autumn Night Foreground

Petals Fall Foreground

City Park Autumn Wallpaper

City Park Autumn Night Wallpaper

Paved Park Path Autumn Night Midground

Paved Park Path Autumn Midground

Street Lamp

Street Lamp Round

Park Bench Wooden

Stone Bench

In addition to the egg, the monthly DNA's and Dyes for October are in.

Hatchling Egg Autumn

Cherry Tree Yellow Midground

Petals Yellow Foreground

Petals Lite Yellow Foreground

Birdseed Scattered

Petals Lite Fall Foreground

Cherry Tree Midground and Petals Foregrounds were originally done by Canta, these are recolors of the original.
Bane tokens are also in the Token Shop for the month of October.


  • August weekend chatter participation prizes have been sent out.
  • August weekend chatter and SM contests that need judging has been sent to the mods (judging ends tomorrow).
  • Still to do:
    • Labyrinth Prizes
    • Judged contest prizes for WC and SM
    • Spot the difference/I spy prizes
    • Subtember contests
  • Coming this month:
Bluee has taken over doing "FallFest" this year so I can focus on playing catch up before Festival of Frost hits on everything I have been collecting since August.  A huge thank you to Bluee for taking that over.  She rocks!

FallFest games found:

Sadi Additional Notes:
  • I will be doing the closing stuff for Subtember later this month, a huge thank you to everyone who made it a success!
  • I will also be posting a SM dressup game on our SM platforms (listed below).  Each day we will have a theme, you all can post a dress up each day, and I will go through at the end of each day (posts will go live at 3 PM each day and end the following day at 3 PM Wajas time), I will draw a winner or two from all entries cross platforms, and send out a random prize from my Social Media prize pool.  These start today.

Opacity Glitch Designed by Danny
NEW TRIVIA! 27 Comments
Amica Arbor October 2, 2023 2:33 am
But there are no violets in this trivia for you.

What's your favourite flower?
NEW TRIVIA! 0 Comments
Amica Arbor October 2, 2023 2:33 am
But this trivia isn't about violets, it's about all things rose.

What are your favourite flowers? And do you think it's a shame that the roses you get from florists are seldom scented?
Spotlight day 30: Shaggy Gremlins & Vampires 2 Comments
Sadi-ly mia til 9/18 September 30, 2023 12:00 am
  • Shaggy Gremlins
  • Vampires
Sub Breeds
featured in this spotlight!

Shaggy Gremlins
Cost to make: 80+ CWP
Celebratory Month: October / Gremlinfest
Subbreed Blurb: Shaggy Gremlins originated in the wilder, untamed corners of the wilderness of Lunaria. Recently some nomadic gremlins have ventured into the more settled parts of this world. These shaggy, mischievous wajas are very secretive and wary of others. It is much more dangerous in the wilds where they come from, and they tend to be slow to warm up to strangers.

The founding generation in this new community (gen 1's) of gremlins usually prefer to keep themselves somewhat ambiguous, leaving outsiders to wonder what it means to have a second face. Their society and lifestyle generally encourages it's members to keep it that way as a mysterious means of protection, and they shun drawing too much attention to either of their heads. They pride themselves on having matching (if somewhat messy) long fur. The front head and the tail head tend to be in sync, and potential threats have a much harder time predicting their next move.

With any gremlin, it can be difficult to discern how much control over the waja each head may have. But with Renegade Gremlins (usually, but not always gen2+), often the tail head has much more obvious control over the waja than the front head. They prefer to distintinguish themselves by brushing on extra mutation markings to accentuate this aspect of themselves to draw more attention to what they consider their "true" face. 

Cost to make: 34 CWP
Celebratory Month: October
Subbreed Blurb: Have a love for all things spooky? Bring your own Vampire to life! With a Silver Token design and only one mandatory Token slot, there is lots of room for creativity when designing your Vampire.