Current jackpot:
31,630,000 WC
Last week's winner:
June 21, 2024
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Throw darts at balloons to win a prize!
Pick a pear, any pear. Win more for playing everyday!
Free To Play!
In this game you have the chance to win mucho WC, absolutely free. No tax! Hehehe. Kinda like fishing for the little cute duckies at fairs, no?
Drop your pears into columns trying to get four of them in a row and WIN! Three difficulty levels, the harder the level the bigger the winnings!
The classic tile matching game comes to Wajas!
Flip over tiles to find the hidden word
4 Free Plays!
Slide the fifteen pieces around to solve the puzzle and win $30,000 credits! Special bonus for being one of the first two winners each day.
Spin and win!
Let's see how smart you guys are.... Mwahahaha
Join these raffles for the chance to win a rare or special kind of Waja!
Guess the colors of 4 wajas. Get all four right in less than 20 guesses to WIN!!!
Current Jackpot
31,630,000 WC
Raffles are an essential part of any fair! Tickets are drawn at the end of the week.
Test your knowledge of WORDS in the Word Wizard. Categories may vary!
4 Free Plays!