Welcome to Wajas®

Create to Your Heart's Content
A Petsite simulation where you can collect, design, breed, and sell your own virtual wolves here on Wajas! We have seventeen different canine breeds, hundreds of patterns and markings, over twenty genetic mutations, and thousands of items at your disposal to completely customize your own wolf. Test the limits of your imagination and sign up today!
Connect With Other Players
We have an extensive forum board that will fulfill your socializing needs! While you don't need to interact with other players to enjoy Wajas, the forums are a great place to chat, advertise, and learn about the site! Our community welcomes newcomers with open arms and will have you playing like a seasoned veteran in no time!
Free To Play
Wajas is a free-to-play wolf simulation petsite by design! While we do offer upgraded member perks, both our USD-based currency and our entirely virtual currency can be obtained without spending a dime of your real money through a variety of methods, including but not limited to selling your Wajas or items, and playing our fun games!
Creative Community
Not only can you express yourself using the countless number of options Wajas has to offer, you can explore the many styles of our amazing community artists. Here's just a peak into our past art contests to give you a little taste!