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July 20, 2024
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Furend Feast
Simba is Quackers November 19, 2023 12:54 am
Furend Feast

Thankful for You: 
Link to Thread
You will be allowed to nominate up to 3 people for this game. At the end a minimum of 10 people will be picked.

G2 Rooster Release: Link to Park
G2 Roosters will be released into the park twice a day. The release times will vary.

Chatter Thread: Link to Thread
This will be a simple chatter thread that will run the course of the weekend plus the holiday. Minigames may be held for more chances to win prizes.

Design and Dress up Contest: Link to Thread
You can partner up or work solo in order to create an autumn or Thanksgiving themed design. A thread to find a partner can be found here.

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