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Spotlight day 19: Oddity Commodity & Sugar Beasts
Sadi September 19, 2023 12:10 am
  • Oddity Commodity
  • Sugar Beasts
Sub Breeds
featured in this spotlight!

Oddity Commodity

Cost to make: ~31 CWP + 1900 RKP
Celebratory Month: May/Meteor Shower
Subbreed Blurb: We come from the grand cosmos, where our pawsteps twinkle with stardust and if you have the right snackies you might just catch an odd creature and make some friends. We can make quite a commotion, but when you shine like this how could one not have a skip in their step? We are the Oddity Commodity family and we come in peace!


Sugar Beasts
Cost to make: ~44 CWP
Celebratory Month: N/A
Subbreed Blurb: Sugar Beasts come in many shapes and sizes. Their skin is made up of translucent sugar crystals and has a sandy feel. The crystal protrusions are sharp and will shed every couple of years. Because of the nature of their skin and muscles, their skeleton and organs can be seen from the outside.
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