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Spotlight day 17: Galaxians & Manticores
Sadi September 17, 2023 12:00 am
  • Galaxians
  • Manticores
Sub Breeds
featured in this spotlight!

Cost to make: 35 CWP
Celebratory Month: February / Galaxians Anniversary Celebration
Subbreed Blurb:Galaxians are a very friendly sub-breed with lots of creative freedom and tons of roleplay opportunities! We strive to be a sub-breed that even new players who don't have a lot can have a chance at owning a custom for. We host fun events where we can, and work to make sure all members feel welcome and loved!

There are three classes of Galaxians in total: The Sun Warriors, the Moon Healers, and the Voidlings. Each class of Galaxian has their own purpose in life that they strive to fulfill. The Sun Warriors live to protect the other wajas of the world. The Moon Healers live to heal any wajas who become injured in any way. Galaxians live to be priests/priestesses of the sun and moon, and serve as a way for the other Galaxians to be able to connect with and honor the entities that brought them to life.


Cost to make: approximately 32 CWP, 2,340,000 WC & 2,000 RKP
Celebratory Month:N/A
Subbreed Blurb: It was just a story, most Wajas thought.
A legend of harder times, telling of a dangerous creature, a masterful hunter whose prey only rarely escaped...
...and then lived to tell the tale.

Manticores are a proud subbreed of wild-maned creatures that don't just accept any Waja amongst their ranks.
These mighty hunters can be created as a custom or be fully dyed up from an already existing Waja, with only some limits to what mutations one may pick additional to the required ones. With about 75+ customs they may not be one of the bigger subbreeds around but they are always happy to accept new members of the pride.

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