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Spotlight day 16: Starswept Wolves & Lucky Charms
Sadi September 16, 2023 12:00 am
  • Starswept Wolves
  • Lucky Charms
Sub Breeds
featured in this spotlight!

Starswept Wolves
Cost to make: 27 CWP
Celebratory Month: N/A
Subbreed Blurb: Starswept Wolves are a glittering breed of Wajas whith lots of creative freedom! Any color, texture and mutation is possible and welcome and they may be bred with any pear.
To catch one in the park is like seeing a shooting star - wish for something nice!


Lucky Charms
Cost to make: 30 CWP + 54,160,911 wc
Celebratory Month: N/A
Subbreed Blurb: Lucky Charm wajas are fun,bright and lucky! They came about to be discovered when local wajas were caught eating cereal and ended up fusing with them,however no wajas were harmed,rather gaining abilities instead. Also the cutest, and lovely friends to make among those who enjoy breakfast foods. Lucky Charms come in many a variety of diverse breeds and coloration!

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