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Waja Labs: New Cave Bulk Actions
Code May 8, 2023 1:27 pm
Today at Waja Labs we are adding two new Bulk Actions to your cave: Bulk Donate To Park and Bulk OWF.

From your Cave click the Bulk Actions button, then choose the action from the dropdown. Select the wajas you want by clicking on them; selected wajas will be hilited and have a large check mark. Clicking the Continue button brings to to a confirmation page which makes sure none of the selected wajas are locked to your account, in a raffle, etc.

When you donate a single waja to the park from the waja's detail page, we now take you to the confirmation page. Hopefully this will reduce the number of wajas that are donated to the park by accident.

This Staff has successfully tested this feature for the last month and a half, but if you run into anything unexpected please open a modbox report.

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