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January 2023 Monthlies!
🦈 Sadi-shark 🦈 January 2, 2023 10:47 am
Good morning folks! Sadi here bringing you the monthlies news post a day late (they were out yesterday, I was just hanging out with my dogs all day, haha). A quick note, I'll get the end of year review up ASAP, as well as the calendar for the month of January for on site and social media events to expect.

Bonus Barn:
Celebration Lights Rainbow (Danny)

Leaf Exchange:
Desert Fireworks Wallpaper, Desert Sky Wallpaper (Estu), Party Popper Blue, Party Popper Red (Biscuit), Pink Sparkler, Purple Sparkler, Zombie Sparkler (Estu), Celebration Lights (Danny)

New Park Event!
Thanks to the awesome Sparra for a new event in the park, have you found it yet?! With these new items, you're sure to be able to light up the sky!

Happy New Year folks, and I'll see you in the next news post!
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