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Spiders, Werewolves and Witches, oh my!
Zestu October 1, 2022 3:26 pm

Heeellloooo Everyone! 

We have a large chunk of items to start October off with a bang! 

Accessory Shop: Duffel Bags - Black, Blue, gray, red, white, yellow

Activity Gift: Strange Companion Rainbow 

Bonus Barn: Strange Tunnel Rainbow Wallpaper

Balloon Pop: Strange Bunker Gray Wallpaper, Strange Companion White, Strange Entrance Gray Wallpaper, Strange interface, Strange tunnel grey wallpaper

CWP: Dye Drip, Dye Scratches, Forest Fright, Meadow Fright 

Goblins: Strange Companion Green, Strange Entrance Blue Wallpaper, Strange Interface Blue, Strange Tunnel Green Wallpaper

Leaf Exchange: Strange Bunker Wallpaper, Strange Companion, Strange Entrance Wallpaper, Strange Interface, Strange Tunnel Wallpaper

Raven Shop: Strange Bunker Orange Wallpaper, Strange Companion Red, Strange Interface Orange

Raccoon King: Strange Bunker Blue Wallpaper, Strange Companion Purple, Strange Entrance Purple Wallpaper, Strange Interface Purple, Strange Tunnel Purple Wallpaper

All the strange items and bags were done by Sparra. The Frights were done by me :) 

Dont forget that Halloween is this month... Who am I kidding, no one ever forgets, right? Who doesnt like scary beasts and treats!

Trick or treat dates: 10/24 thru 11/01 (End of Day)

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