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Only YOU can help fight errors!
♥ Sadi ♥ AWAY June 15, 2022 9:12 am
Was that a horrible play on the old school "only you can prevent forest fires"? Yes. Yes it was.

Good morning everyone! I hope June is going well for you and the heat (if you're in the hot areas), isn't getting to be too much. I bring to you today, a new thread! A "Help find the areas needing updating" thread!

Basically, it's a thread where you can post things needing to be brought up to current.

EX: Our Upgrade perks list read "300k WC Allowance weekly". We just changed how much WC it gives a few weeks ago to 500k but had forgotten to update the perk list. We just caught that and updated it.

You can check out the thread to see what else can be posted there. Just be sure to check the masterlists and ensure your issue hasn't already been reported.

Thank you all for your help!
- Wajas Staff

Do not post issues on this news post, post them directly on that thread. Issues posted on this news post will likely be missed. Thank you.
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