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Breeding Contest Reminder
♥ Sadi ♥ AWAY June 14, 2022 10:33 am
Good morning folks!
This is just an extremely quick pop in to remind everyone that the Breeding Contest entries MUST be in by the end of June (so 11:59 PM EASTERN / Wajas time, on June 30th). The event will be closed on July 1st, and no entries will be taken after 11:59 PM.

That said, you should not be waiting until last minute to start putting things in. If there is a situation/issue and you need answers to questions, Bluee and myself may not be around day of - especially later in the day to answer them.

If you need to be reset for whatever reason, I can guarantee you will not get a hold of Code Dragon at 10 PM on June 30th.

Do not procrastinate and think you're going to be safe. Ask your questions ASAP, and allow for 24 hours for staff to get back to you. Day of questions / issues are subject to not getting responses in time.

This is just a reminder. Any questions should still be posted on The Question Board. Any reset requests, should be modboxed with a full explanation of what happened. And before asking any questions, you should give the FAQ a gander.

Thank you for your participation.
- Sadi
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