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Monthly Items
Zestu May 1, 2022 11:35 am
Hey Everyone!

Hope youre all having a great weekend so far! The sun is actually out today and it's been a little warmer.. Hopefully we'll finally be in some real spring weather here. (It keeps snowing, darn it!) 

I bring you news of Monthly Items for May... Fruit and Vegetables! Wajas has been around for sometime and I realized... We dont have that many fruits and vegetables!  Soo this update is focused on that - You can find them in the Leaf Exchange.. and Bonus Barn has the FRUIT MONSTROSITY. Dun dun dunnnnn.

Not as magical as our previous updates but I think these items can be really helpful for various dress up themes. I hope you guys like them none-the-less!

Also! The Seadragon Crate has 36 new dragons added to it. They're based off previously made dragons that I got behind on. Two of the holiday ones are still available in my Etsy if youre interested in bringing a tangible Seadragon into your home!

If you are the owner of the physical copy of one of these Seadragons and have a specific name for them, please let me know and I'll update their name on site to reflect that. :)

~ Zestu
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