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Year End Review
♥ Sadi ♥ January 19, 2022 5:32 pm
[ 2021 Year End Review ]
[ It's only a little late ]
First off, if you haven't seen it, see the previous News Post for an awesome new feature you don't want to miss out on.

Hello all you amazing Wajas users! Another year has come and gone and we've accomplished so, so much during that time! We just want to state how incredibly grateful we are to each and every user on Wajas - new and old - and we hope to see you guys stick around with us through 2022. We've got some big plans for this year too!

Our first order of business for the Year End Review is to go over what we accomplished for 2021, I am sure there was more than what's on this list, but these are just some of the big highlights. After that, we go over our goals for 2022. Will we hit them? TBD as the year goes on, these are our hopes, but goals can change so please don't be upset if something doesn't come to be. That said, we hope you'll cheer us on as we embark in the adventure that is 2022!

[ 2021 Accomplishments ]
The Doodlecorn Shop was started
A New Pear and Breeding Updates were put in!
See what you want to see! News Post updates
Wajas turned 15 years old this year!
Lock Feature added to Wajas!
Auction Changes were added!
Notes for Friends list was put in!
You can now Search the Forums!
Bulk Transfers finally became more than a dream!
Give the gift of an Upgrade Coupon!
Track your Warnings on the Warning Page!

[ CodeDragon's 2022 Goals ]
- make custom demo more mobile friendly
- continue making the site more mobile friendly
- did I mention mobile friendly?
- new games?
- fun new features
- oh, wait, did I mention mobile friendly?
[ Estuko's 2022 Goals ]
- Introduce more custom patches
- Enhance mining cave
- MOAR BANANA ITEMS, can't stop, won't stop.

[ Sadi's 2022 Goals ]
- See our Twitter reach 500 followers! (143 to go)
- See our Instagram reach 5k followers! (487 to go)
- See our Facebook reach 6k likes! (449 to go)
- See Wajas continue to grow as a community as we see old faces return and new faces appear.
- Begin the Social Media interaction thing I've been working on.
- Remember to Vote Daily for Wajas (cause I always forget).
- Update the site so all pages have accurate information.
- Large breeding contest. I have no information on this, don't ask.

That's all folks! What are some of your 2022 Wajas Goals? We love to see them!
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