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Hawker interviews Biscuit
♥ Sadi ♥ Slow Resp. January 5, 2022 11:02 am
For anyone sensitive to animations, there is an animated gif at the bottom of this news post. Proceed with caution.

Hello there Biscuit, happy to have you aboard! To start off with, why don't you tell us about yourself?
Hello! I most notably go by Biscuit. To keep it simple- I am an artist! In my everyday life, I am a graphic designer for Minecraft content. I also have my BFA in animation, so I love to draw and create! I have also worked on other sites such as Art Fight and Solpets in my past. Talk to me about art, animation, animals, or anything in between. I'm always happy to chat!
It really sounds like you love art, and those are some really cool facts! Up next, if you had to pick, what would you say is your favorite style of art?
Cartoons! I have a very weak spot for anything animated and cute.. I love things especially that are "weird" and cute.. those are my favorite.
Oh man, what a coincidence, I love cartoons too! You should see some of the awesome comics we get in our paper! The next thing our fanbase is dying to know, What are you looking forward to with your new role as artist?
To create! I'm super excited to have the opportunity to draw fun new items and such for the site! It's such a special opportunity it makes me all happy to think of the possibilities.
Awe, I love that. We really can't wait to see what you'll do. Speaking of though. I'm personally dying to know. Can you offer us a sneak peak of something you're working on?
I'm not sure how much I'm allowed to don't tell anyone, but here's a sneak peek of something I am working on!
Oh man, those are so cool! I want one for myself! You think I'd rock it? You'll have to let me know when they are released. Lets move on to the nitty gritty, all the important things about Wajas! Starting with: Who is your favorite NPC?
Saratoga! I'm weak for her colors..
Oh, wow, no hesitation huh? No no, its fine. We respect honesty in this family. We'll just move on. What is your favorite breed?
Egyptians! They got such attitude, I can't help but love them.
Attitude huh, I can have attitude too! Watch me go roar! Err I mean...what is your favorite item(s)?
Any of the plush or ghost-like critters.. I love all the little friends.
Those ghost critters are cute! Well I think they are, I've only really seen the owl one. Heh. Okay, how about a for funsies question? If you were trapped on an island with any three things from Wajas, with no limitations, what three things would you choose and why?
It's a three step plan. First: a mining-trained Waja, I think that could come in handy so I don't got to do hard labor for gathering essentials. Second, a hefty supply of earth worms. Hear me out. Last: The Raccoon King. I want to be on his good side and win him over. He knows how to run things. With just him and I (and our plethora of worms and inventory supplying mining waja) We'll be ready to start up our own society on this island. No longer will it be a deserted island, but a hot tourist destination. Come visit us at Raccoonland.
Oh man, I am booking my visit right now. On my way! Haha, love that answer, so well thought out! Alright this is the last one. What...meemee? mem? How do I say this? What the heck is a meme? Anyway...what meme best describes you?
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