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Monthly Items - January
♥ Sadi ♥ January 3, 2022 11:07 am

January Monthly Items
Balloon Pop - Lochness Grey, Winter Cloak Festive
BB - Trident of the Lochness
Goblin - Lake Floor Night Wallpaper, Lochness Green, Winter Cloak Green
Leaf Exchange - Lake Floor Wallpaper, Lochness Blue, Lochness Overhead Midground, Twisting Seaweed Foreground
Marine crate - Lochness Yellow
Raven - Lochness purple, Winter Cloak White
RK - Lochness Red, Winter Cloak Orange
Dye Shop - Waxwing Lines, Waxwing Mask
CWP Shop - Winter Cloak Galaxy

Sparra - Wallpapers, Waxwing dyes
Danny - Trident
Zestu - Lochness, midground & foreground

Redraw: Raining Money - By Biscuit

Item Ideas by: Winter Cloak Festive - Xihro, drawn by Danny.
Lochness Green - Mune, drawn by Estu.

I will send Xihro and Mune copies of their items shortly.

Please don't ask me the status of any of the other 15 year stuff, all I know is everything is being worked on.
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