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New Lineart Updates, Monthly Updates, New Artist.
♥ Sadi ♥ January 2, 2022 12:44 pm
Lineart Updates
As some of you have already found out (we're not allowed to have a moments rest in this family, y'all on the ball with your hunting skills), mutations saw a huge update come this new year curtesy of Fatal who has been working on them for the better part of 2021. Everything saw a bit of Quality of Life update (meaning we cleaned up the pixelated bits, improved the blending to make it go better with the breed art, and more).

Some of the mutations saw more than a QOL improvement, and instead saw a bit of a rework to make them fit the breeds better. We'd like to remind everyone that Wajas is 15 years old, and much of our stuff was outdated and had many hands in the pot (with varying levels of experience) making it work for each breed. This update was done to bring everything up to current and help it match the breed anatomy, shading, and the like better.

We urge you to use the "view in demo" before updating any line work. Also remember we have the lock refresh feature. So please use that if you wish to keep the old stuff.

We understand that not everyone likes change and this is a big change, however, we ask that you all give it a few days to settle in. Immediate knee jerk reactions aside, we want time for everyone to adjust to the changes before they make any suggestions / requests regarding the updates. Once a few days have passed, Fatal has requested that we allow an outlet for HELPFUL criticism, and so I will post a thread in Admin Announcements where you can post.

We wish to remind everyone, we're only taking helpful criticism and ways to improve. Saying "I hate this", "you've ruined my life", or "return it to the way it was" is neither helpful nor constructive. Anything that goes against the TOS will be removed, so we implore you to take a deep breath and use your best judgement if you post on the future board or on this news post. What is allowed though, is giving examples of ways to improve the mutations.

Also, we'd like to pass on that the Artists are working on getting mutation markings updated as well, to fit these updates.

This is what saw the biggest changes:
Bird Wings - Imp
Butterfly Wings - Water
Chest Fluff - Imp, Egyptian, Fire, Plushie, Spitz, Tempest, Water
Dragon Horns - Corsie, Earth, Egyptian, Fire, Forest, Imp, Normal, Plushie, Spitz, Tempest, Water
Floppy Ears - Arctic
Fox Ears - Arctic
Leg Feathers - Fire, Imp, Spitz, Tempest, Water
Leg Poms - Earth, Fire, Imp, Normal, Plushie, Water
Long Tail - Fire, Water
Mane - Water
Punk Mane - Arctic
Ram Horns - Normal, Plushie, Spitz, Tempest, Water
Rooster Tail - Fire, Forest
Rump Feathers - Normal, Plushie, Spitz, Water
Skull - All Breeds
Small Horns - Water
Tail Fluff - Fire, Forest, Normal, Tempest, Water

Above is a reminder of why Redraws are important.

Additionally, Monthly Items were put in. I'll do a newspost on that tomorrow.

Lastly, please welcome Biscuit on as an Artist on site. Biscuit will get an official introduction post later this week as well.
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