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New goblin and park event, DNAs, and now able to gift upgrades!
Sadi ♥'s Thayet December 2, 2021 10:15 am
New Park Event
There's a new event in the park, it's a little...out of this world. Who will be the first to find it?! It might make a star out of you!

New Goblin Event
We know it's getting a little chilly out, so we tossed something warm into the Goblin Event for you to hunt. Both these and the items from the event above were done by Sparra.

Giftable Upgrades and DNAs
Also just added, is the ability to gift upgrades! Visit the CWP Shop and scroll down and you will see upgrade tickets. You can buy and gift upgrades for 1 month (2 CWP), 3 months (6 CWP), 6 months (12 CWP), and 12 months (20 CWP). We hope you all enjoy this new addition!

To use them, go to your inventory and find the ticket, click it and it will give you the option to use it. After that you'll be upgraded!

Additionally, Estu added in DNAs into the CWP shop for the month of December, they will automatically be pulled out at the end of December.

Hope everyone is having a happy Thursday!
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