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FoF 2021 and December Monthly Items are here!
Sadi ♥'s Thayet December 1, 2021 1:35 pm
Festival of Frost 2021 is here!
Don't know what Festival of Frost is? Check out the Reference Section of our library for information on it and other holiday functions coming up in the next few weeks!

All contests will last from Today, December 1st until Friday, December 31st. I will do my best to post a reminder at least 24 hours before the final day, but please set an alarm if you think you won't remember as I might get busy and forget.

The contests listed are the only big contests we will have. However, there will be other small, minigame contests you'll be able to take part in. If you have any requests for the minigames, just let me know!

Gingerbread House Contest
Ugly Sweater Contest
Ornament Contest
Writing Contest
Impossible Design Contest
IRL Decor Contest
Traditional Art Contest
Digital Art Contest
Gifting Tree Decorating Contest
Creativity Contest

Festival of Frost Chat Thread
Question Thread (ping @4591)

First: Silver in shop Token of choice
Second: 10 CWP
Third: 5 CWP
Participation: TBA

If we reach at least 25 participants we will boost prizes to include more placements.

December 2021 Monthly Items are in!

Bonus Barn:
Fiery Sunset Wallpaper by Sym

Leaf Exchange:
Star Dome Cosmos, Star Dome heat, Star Dome Midnight, and Star Dome Wallpapers by Sparra

Raccoon King:
Dye Zorilla and Dye Zorrilla Shade by Sparra
Zorilla was originally suggested by Chika, Chika you will receive x2 Dye Zorilla in a hot minute.

CWP Shop:
Dye Shadow Stripes (by Estu), Dye Star Map (by Fatal, original suggestion by Sparky), Dye Circuit (by Fatal, original suggestion by SnakePrince), Dye Back Rings (by Estu), Dye Jagged Fawn Spots (by Estu), Dye Hip Rings (by Estu), Dye Shoulder Rings (by Estu), and Dye Tail Rings (by Estu)
Those that were originally suggested in the 15 Year will receive x2 of their suggested item in a minute.

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