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Lights on, Lights off
SpOoKy SCARY Sadikin October 3, 2021 9:53 am
Lights on, Lights off Forum
Hey guys! As promised, I said I would alert when the Lights on, Lights off subforum was rolled out and available to you all. It is now available! It can be found HERE or by looking under the "User held games" forum area.

If you already made one anywhere else and it needs to be moved here, please post the link in this newspost and Sadi or another mod will hop to it ASAP. We will also move any that we notice as we browse through the forums.

- We will not be holding the Forum ToT the whole month. We are finalizing days still, but will give an official date notice when we've settled (hoping to settle this next week once I no longer have family down).
- You're free to make a post in this now and still do Lights on, Lights off the old fashioned way.
- Remember, only one thread per user in that forum area - this is to keep it from getting cluttered.
- Keep in mind everyone goes at their own pace, so it may take some people time to get the stuff out for their Lights on, Lights off.
- Users should only have TWO (2) accounts total. If you are caught utilizing more accounts, all accounts will be frozen. If you have friends or family that also play from your IP and you are caught "funneling" goods (meaning you're all sending to one account without a fair trade), all accounts will be frozen as it's giving one user an unfair advantage. Play fair guys, do not use this as an opportunity to take advantage of our awesome community because ultimately it's not worth it and you will get caught and have all the work prior to this frozen.
- Once this month is over, we will give a day or two to round everything up, and then the forum will be removed and purged again. Keep this in mind, and save anything you need to keep before then.

Happy holidays!
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