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September 20, 2021
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Monthly Items - September
Sadi ~ Marco! September 1, 2021 5:41 pm

September Items
The time is here! It's September and the monthly items have gone into the shop! Many of you spotted it before all the items were fully in, we have some super sleuths on this site I swear. This months theme is drumroll Vaporwave!

Leaf Exchange: Cassette Tape (estu), Chaotic Neon Frame Orange and Blue (canta), Neon Frame Blue (canta), Vaporwave City Wallpaper (canta)
Balloon Pop: Neon Frame Red (canta), Vaporwave Corners Yellow Foreground (canta), Vaporwave Mountains Red Wallpaper (canta)
Bonus Barn: Vaporwave City Blue Wallpaper (canta)
Goblin: Chaotic Neon Frame Green and Red (canta), Neon Frame Green (canta), Vaporwave Corners Mint Foreground (canta), Vaporwave Mountains Wallpaper (canta)
Foreground Shop: Circular Frame Foreground (canta), Letterbox Frame Foreground (canta), Neon Frame Mint (canta), Neon Frame Purple (canta), Neon Frame Yellow (canta), Palm Tree Silhouette Foreground (canta)
Wallpaper Shop: Abstract Retro Wallpaper (panic), Vaporwave Mountains Vintage Wallpaper (canta)
Raven Shop: Chaotic Neon Frame Pink and Cyan (canta), Neon Frame Pink (canta), Vaporwave City Red Wallpaper (canta), Vaporwave Corners Pink Foreground (canta)
Raccoon King: Neon Frame Cyan (canta), Retro Palm Tree Left (panic), Retro Palm Tree Right (panic), Vaporwave City Vintage Wallpaper (canta), Vaporwave Corners Cyan Foreground (canta), Vaporwave Mountains Blue Wallpaper (canta)
CWP Shop: Misc Dyes / DNAs that needed a rerelease
Mystery Dye: Dye Speckled Stripes Back, Dye Speckled Stripes Bottom, Dye Speckled Stripes Chest, Dye Speckled Stripes Top (as per the original news post releasing these, these have finally been added to their forever home)

Small Disclaimer: Abstract Retro Wallpaper is currently not displaying correctly, we are working on getting that fixed and will do so as soon as possible. Please keep this in mind when purchasing.

Please note monthly items from the previous month is now set to expire at midnight Wajas time, grab what you want now!
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