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Doodlecorns & Stickers
Zestu July 14, 2021 4:01 pm

Good Afternoon all you amazing people,

I first wanted to start off with a huge thanks to everyone who adopted a Doodlecorn yesterday! Welcome to the craze since you were all first time owners. ;)

After discussing with several of you through the comments, next month Im going to plan 2 more sales. A large one for new owners only and a second one that has some of those traditional Alicorns that I sold yesterday. Then maybe give them a few months break. Maybe come back in October for some fun Halloween ones? :D

A lot of you voted for some stickers through the polls and since Ive been kind of hoarding the ones I have, for no apparent reason, I've tossed those up in the Etsy store:

Wajas Stickers on Etsy

Each sticker can be bought separately, or you can buy all 4 and save a few dollars. :) I'll try to get some new stickers with our other NPCs made so we can share the love.

~ Zestu

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