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Feature Spotlight
Sadi ~ Marco! June 2, 2021 3:37 pm
Hello, hello everyone!
Just posting a quick notice so no one overlooks it, but I'm going to be doing my best to do weekly feature spotlights. This means, each week, I'll pick one of the site features (ex: Raffles, Auctions, Gifting Tree, ect), and if there's no walkthrough, I'll make one, and then I'll offer tips / tricks, and answer any questions you might have regarding the feature.

This spotlight will be found on: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and in our Library. It may make it to the first three before the last one, since I will have to specially code the library page, but once it's there, it will become a static library page for users to refer back to.

That said, the first weeks feature to be spotlighted will be Auctions. The spotlight will be posted either Friday (if I get it done by then), or early next week. My hope is to get in a groove where I can get things posted on a specific day and keep it that way.

FAQ Board can be found by clicking that link. Each week I will use the same board, and just update the first post with what I am highlighting. If you have any Questions or tips/tricks regarding this weeks feature (Auctions), please head over to that board and post them there.

If you have any features you desperately want spotlighted, don't hesitate to PM me. Just note, we already have the following on our list: Image Hosting, Trade Search, Custom Demo, Pup Predictions, Raffles, Transfers, Selling Wajas, and User Shops. We've also had requests for Contests, but as of right now, I will not be touching on that topic.

I will be turning off comments just so people don't accidentally post their questions / tips here and I miss them.

Have a great day y'all!
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