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Pearadise Fest Winners
Sadi ~ Marco! April 24, 2021 4:09 pm
DUN DUN DUN! Here it is. The winners of Pearadise Fest.
If you are seeing this post, all prizes have been sent out. If your prize is an "of choice" and you have not received it, please make sure you posted your choice on THIS THREAD, if you did and still have not received it, ping me on that thread and let me know I missed your prize. I will double check sent logs and see if I mistakenly sent to the wrong ID, and get the situation fixed.

Quick note, the of choice winners from the scav hunt will have to go to the above thread and claim their prizes. I'll get those out on Monday hopefully.

Here are your winners!

Pearadise Color.

1. CaptainHeart - 146143 - 10 CWP
2. Darkness - 134716 - 7 CWP
3. Tea4two - 363484 & NKShadow - 251738 - 5 CWP Each

Flowa Powa.

1. @364363 - Silver IS Token OC
2. anwyn/53238 - 10 CWP
3. Slytherin@Heart/29463 - 5 CWP

Rock Art.

1. @94344 - Silver IS Token OC
2. Snakeprince 145562 - 10 CWP
3. Ghostdance 133285 - 5 CWP

Banana Emperor.

1. @72150 - 10 CWP + Spring Season Doodle of Choice
2. @350700 - 7 CWP + Spring Season Doodle of Choice
3. @5682 & @241 - 5 CWP + Spring Season Doodle of Choice

Scav Hunt.

--Smart me only nabbed ID's when checking this, so uhh...please search for your ID.-- 3 Topics Found:
5 Randomly drawn winners will get a Spring Doodle of Choice (pinged on winner thread)

5 Topics Found:
3 Randomly drawn winners will get the full Spring doodle set

10 Topics Found:
1 Randomly drawn winner will get a IS Token of Choice (pinged on winner thread)

Thank you for partaking! Outside of the scav of choice prizes, everything should be out.

I spy and User sent I Spy for Staff still have to be done, and will be done Monday, I've not done anything to the DMs sent or the pings pinged, so no worries about it being mistakenly forgotten, I don't sort anything in DM's / pings until it's done.
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