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FriendFest, Intro
Sadi ~ See Cave desc February 13, 2021 12:42 pm
"Laurel, peach, where do we want these?"  Spotted paws held up the pears.  They'd been fancily decorated, lovely vines weaved between them, intertwining them, and nestled amongst the vines and pears, sat several vibrant red roses.

Like a blue streak, Laurel was darting to and fro, conducting business, instructing their helpers where things were to go, and ensuring the festival ran like a well oiled machine.  "Over on that table."  She waved a paw in the direction of the biggest table in the clearing, and moved to instruct something else.  She'd made it all of three steps away when she spun, eyes narrowing on the Waja who was mosing off to put the centerpiece on the table it belonged to.

"Floribunda Polyantha Hybrid-Tea.  Get your rump back here." Laurel's paw was tapping on the ground as Florrie turned and sighed and walked back towards her.

"The full name?  Aren't we too old for full name scoldings?"  She sighed, seating herself before the other woman.  "But fine, carry on my love, I'm all ears."

Laurel's gaze softened as Florrie spoke, and she shook her head.  "There's other people to deal with the pears today."  She took the centerpiece away from her, handing it to the nearest person and directed them where to put it before turning back to Florrie.  "Give yourself a break, rest your paws.  This festival may be in honor of celebrating all of our friends, but first and foremost, it's about you."  Her paw moved over, gently brushing against the spots that scattered across Florrie's paw. 

"It's about you too, and yet here you are, busy working."  It was a weak argument.  Laurel excelled at stuff like this.

Laurel let out a low chuckle, head shaking.  "I'm not the one allergic to my work.  You know, one day I'd love to see those beautiful gray eyes of yours again."  She was smiling now.  "How about this, you can help set up, but no pears."  

Florrie sighed and nodde.  "No pears.  Got it.  Have you prepped the events yet?"

A festival wasn't a festival without events, and Laurel had already begun working on it.  "Yep, I have a list on the bullitien board with most of the events we will be running.  I might add to it though."

"When's tea time?"  Tea time was a static in their life, daily, without fail.  It was their time to unwind and spend time together.

"Whenever you want it dear."  Laurel gave a laugh as she watched Florrie.

"Now then."  It was only fair.  Laurel deserved a break too, at least in Florrie's mind.

"Now it is, lead the way."  The two Wajas walked away together.

-  -  ♥ -  -

You're cordially invited to FriendFest 2021.  You'll be celebrating not only Florrie and Laurel's anniversary, but all of the friends they've made over their years.  It's not just about romantic love anymore.  It's time to embrace the love of friends and family, and if you find something more, well that's just the extra topping on the cake.

-  -  ♥ -  -

This festival is considered a mini-festival.  While it will last two weeks, and will include games and contests, these will be on a much smaller scale than our main festivals.  Our main focus for this event will be in character interactions between the NPC's, expanding the lore, and secondary, contests and games for prizes.  The games and contests will vary and will be spread out between the Admin Announcements and the Admin Minigames, with some featued on the social media platforms.  All in character interactions will be done in the NPC Communications forum.

Thank you for helping Florrie and  Laurel make this event a success.
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