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Rule Update
Merry Sadi-mas November 17, 2020 3:25 pm
Exception to the Spam Rule, Update:
After the rule reminder post yesterday, we received a PM regarding catalogue type Waja sales threads and whether or not those that utilize these styles of sales threads are allowed to add posts to a pre-existing thread or if they would be required to remake every time they needed more space.

Staff discussed it amongst themselves, and after some deliberation we'd like to add to the spam rule.

General Forum Rules has thus, been updated

Spam Rule:

All rules regarding spamming forums and having clear topics for all threads still apply. Only bump threads once they are no longer on the first page of a forum, using the bump button located in the bottom left hand corner of threads you have posted on.

An active thread is defined as a thread which has shown recent activity, either by the original poster or the participants within that thread. While staff no longer locks threads for grave digging, a thread may be locked if is clearly inactive. Therefore, use discretion when posting on old threads.

Do not spam the forums. Spamming includes posting one word responses or irrelevant comments on threads, or posting multiple threads of the same thing. Posting bump, or posting multiple times in a row unnecessarily is also considered spam. You can use multiple posts in a row to organize a thread, however further minor updates should be edited into the previous post and the bump button used, instead of posting minor updates in order to bump. While creating threads to advertise your sales is fine, posting or messaging unsolicited advertisements, requests, etc. on other people's threads will be counted as spam. Messaging players directly to advertise something that they have not previously expressed an interest in is also considered spam.

Added to the Rule:

Exception to the above: In regards to catalogue type Wajas sales threads, users should nab as many posts as they need for the initial setup - immediately - and also grab some extra posts, and then if later on down the road they have filled up those posts with relevant content to their sales, then they may nab more posts. To keep this from being an exploit to the spam rule, we'll be requiring a minimum of ten posts be reserved for later use (and please note when you're snagging them that you're reserving more posts for use), and all of the saved posts must be in use with relevant content before reserving more posts. You may grab more than ten if you wish, but ten is the minimum. Staff will be watching these threads to ensure fairness. The only area this is allowed is in Waja Sales.

So from here on out, catalogue type Waja sales are allowed to build on to their current thread rather than having to remake their thread every time they run out of space.

If you have any further questions, please contact a Full Moderator (Silver Feather), a Forum Moderator (Bronze Feather), a Hybrid Moderator (half Green, half Silver OR Bronze Feather), or a Social Butterfly, and we'll be happy to help!

For those unsure of what a sales catalogue is, here is Grand Admiral's Shop to display what we're talking about.

Thank you,
Wajas Staff
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