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Rules Reminder
Merry Sadi-mas November 16, 2020 3:14 pm
Rules Reminders:
This WILL be pretty lengthy. The main topic information is highlighted and has a heartbeat, so if you're unable to read this, you can skim the headers and see if it's a rule you were unaware of and read from there. Even if it is lengthy, you are expected to abide by all rules and TOS.

Good afternoon guys! We’ve had some confusion/concerns raised recently about rule reminders issued via private messages, we hope to address any lingering questions here.

Please remember that by joining Wajas, you agree to abide by our site and forum rules, as well as our Terms of Service, all of which staff have a responsibility to enforce. We normally post rule reminders on threads, or PM rule reminders BEFORE any official “mod” action is action, UNLESS you have broken some major rule (example: scamming another user).

We want to remind all users that when you get PM/post reminders about rules that it is nothing personal, and that reminders are NOT the same as warnings. Getting a reminder does not mean you are in trouble! Staff will also always provide links to rules and/or quote specific blurbs from rules to try and make sure each PMed reminder is specific (example: if we remind you about double posting, we will not be sending a generic “hey please don’t forget not to break forum rules the end bye”).

Reminders are staff’s way of helping keep everyone on the same page regarding rules WITHOUT needing to take any formal action. Your only job when receiving any reminders is to simply read the message and make any edits requested of you, then double check the rules at your discretion, and tuck the info away for future use. As scary as our colourful feathers are, we promise we are not here to attack or target anyone. (We would actually much rather be napping.) You are also not obligated to respond, either, unless of course you have questions!

You can see our step by step process regarding reminders and warnings HERE.

Now then, onto the reminder bit!

Only TWO (2) accounts, per person, are allowed
We allow users to have two active accounts at any given time. You are allowed to abandon an old account and make or buy a new account to take on as your second account, but we will be watching this to ensure there's no funny business is happening.

Common questions regarding the two accounts rule:

"My (insert family or friend or significant other) wants to also play Wajas, but we would be on the same IP, are we not allowed to?"
This is actually answered in the FAQ Library Area but I will just copy paste the answer to here.

So here is the deal. We're not going to say "Oh there's four accounts being used on this IP, OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!" Rather, if we see multiple accounts on an IP, we will dive deeper. Staff can see all transfers, purchases, gifting, ect that an user does.

We will begin looking to see if there is what we call "funneling of goods". This means we look to see if mass items are being transferred between any of the accounts to a main one. Then we look to see if there is an equal exchange. Is it clear there was a trade here? WC for an item? Item for an item? Waja for a Waja? Ect. If there's no equal exchange, that raises red flags.

You'll get marked and we'll keep watching over time. By the time we actually freeze someone, we're 100 percent certain that even if it's multiple players "playing", one player is benefiting from multiple accounts, which is unfair and is worthy of the freeze. All accounts attached WILL be froze. So if this raises red flags that "hey this could be me and my family" consider this a warning to cease now.

Additionally, under no circumstances should you be pretending to be someone else - that includes IRL friends, family, ect. You should as honest as possible in all interactions across the site.

Spamming is not allowed - use the bump button
Here on Wajas, we have a nifty feature called the "BUMP Button". Rather than making a new post on a thread, you use this button and it shoves your thread back to the top. It will only work when your thread has fallen off of the first page though. Even if you're "providing new information", if you were the last person to post on your thread, you should edit your last post and not create a new post.

Common Questions regarding Spamming:

"I see people posting multiple times when making a new post, is this not allowed?"

When setting up a new shop or game, users are allowed to nab however many posts they need IMMEDIATELY. So if you're organizing your shop and need to reserve ten posts so that you can separate the sales by breed or whatever have you, when you start making the board, nab ten posts all at once (mark with "Reserved"), and then just edit to your hearts desire. You cannot however, reserve posts over hours or days. You should grab everything you need immediately and then just edit in as you're able.

Crossposting isn't allowed (only 1 thread per topic)
While we know it's frustrating to wait for someone to notice your threads, here on Wajas we do not allow crossposting. This means, you can't have a sale thread in "General Sales" and in one of the specialized sale threads. You also can't create a new thread for the sole purpose of linking to a thread you've made to garner more attention.

Tying into this, if someone has made a similar thread regarding your topic (say we release a new dye and there's a rave about it up) and you also make a topic regarding that dye, we'll close the newest one and redirect to the older one.

We do not allow begging - direct or indirect
Under no circumstances should you be asking for free stuff. This includes making posts going "woe be me, I don't have the CWP for x". Our community is awesome, and a lot of times they step up to help out, but if you're not offering a fair exchange for something, it's begging and something we do not allow here on Wajas.

You can however, make a thread offering items, Wajas, or services in an attempt to make the money needed.

Please do not harass staff
Your moderators are not omnipresent. They are volunteer staff who offer their time to help Wajas run smoothly. They help because they love Wajas and want to see it succeed, but that in mind, many of our staff work or go to school full time. Others are also parents. We are all here to help to the best of our abilities, but you should not be spamming the inboxes of any staff member because they are delayed in responding to you.

Send your message to ONE mod, and if it was a question you need an answer to and you've received no response after 24 hours, you may message another moderator. If it was just a "want to talk" line, the staff member may have been too busy to answer and you can try again in the future. We try to be there for all of our members, but sometimes we're just not in the right place to converse, and that's okay.

Additionally, while many of you have access to our Discord or offsite information, you should only ever PM us there for on site matters in extreme emergencies (think a troll posting inappropriate stuff on the site). Otherwise, please keep off site contact to general chatter.

You are our eyes and ears
With the above information in mind, we'd like to remind users that you are our eyes and ears when it comes to the forums. If you see someone doing wrong, please tap that report button, file a modbox report, or if neither of those work, PM the appropriate mod and we'll evaluate the post and if action is necessary, deal with it in as quick a manner as we possibly can.

Please be aware, under no circumstance should you be PMing an Artist (full green feather) for things that require a forum moderator or moderator's attention. Please PM a bronze, silver, or hybrid (a half green half silver or bronze) feather, and in the event none of those are on, you may PM the Social Butterfly role if they are on. We appreciate all the help you all give in this area!

Dyes are in Mining Cave and CWP Shop
Not in line with this, but I did note I would make people aware when the Leg Dyes and Ear Tip Dye went into the mining cave / CWP shop, and they have done so. I just didn't want to spam you all with news posts today, so it's tied into this one.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.
If you have any questions, you may PM a moderator, forum moderator, or the Social Butterfly to ask.
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