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Chapter Seven
Sadi October 14, 2020 3:55 pm
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They awoke the following day drowsy, and unwilling to speak of the prior days events. They searched for their father - and failed. Breakfast was quick and simple, a bowl of Waja-ohs. They then took and carried the tome to the pet shop where they worked. Along the way, the path was eerily quiet. Not a soul was in sight, and typically they were running along saying good morning to everyone.

Remus frowned, trotting up beside Romulus. "Where is everyone?" He kept his voice a whisper, afraid to draw notice to himself.

'I wonder~' The tome sang, his voice echoed through the empty streets.

Remus threw a glare towards the book. "Did you do this?" His tone was accusatory.

'How could I. I can't do magic myself.' There was a sarcastic note to his words.


"Remus, he said he didn't do it, so he didn't." Romulus was frowning at his younger brother. He knew Remus was paranoid sometimes, but this was going too far.

"Fine!" Remus huffed and gave a paw stomp. "You can go to the shop by yourself today. I'm going to find father! I'm worried since we haven't seen since yesterday."

Remus did not wait for an answer before stomping off away from his brother.
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