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Chapter Six
Sadi October 14, 2020 12:55 am
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You MUST read the previous news post, it contains a rule update and new features.

Romulus frowns at the two as they bicker. The howling happens again and he see's Remus tremble. Irritation floods him, sometimes he wished Remus would just stop being afraid of everything! With a sigh he spoke. "You need to confront your fears!" He gave Remus a shove in the direction of the howling.

Remus, shaking and whimpering, followed his brothers lead, clearly not okay with this situation. "Romulus.."

"You could always return home alone little scaredy cat, but I thought you were a Waja and not a cat? You'll also be alone on the trek all the way hooooome~" The last word was almost sung as the Tome gave a low cackle.

Remus didn't hate much, but at this moment he hated that blasted tome. A sharp glare was cast towards the musty old book.

"Fine." His lip gave a quiver but he followed his brother quietly, sticking as close as he could.

It wasn't long before the howling penetrated the air again, causing chills to prick across his skin. He clamped his mouth shut, unwilling to speak for fear that it would attract attention to himself.

Their steps continued, and soon...a streak of green. A FLASH OF BLACK! Fuzzier than any Waja the boys had ever seen. A snap of white and foul breath as the creature appeared from thin was..."WHAT IS IT?!" Remus cried out, the creature looming over them.

The creature started snarling. "Leave my domain, I must protect it!" Tears were dripping down the creatures cheeks, and the boys stumbled back several steps, and out of the corner of Remus' eye he caught sight of the brick - his brick - the one he'd colored.

"Run!" Romulus shouted, tugging Remus along, and both boys tripped over one another to flee from the beast.

They said not a word as they ran, when they reached home and realized their father wasn't home, they didn't utter a sound about what they saw. Instead, they huddled in Romulus' room and fought for sleep, hoping that whatever nightmare they'd just stumble upon would be gone in the morning.

What do you think that Romulus and Remus encountered?
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