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September 20, 2020
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Impossible Custom Winner and SM
♥ Sadi ♥ September 14, 2020 5:41 pm

Okay folks, we're gonna make this quick and easy. We're still getting together the second and third place winners for the Impossible Custom contest, HOWEVER, we already picked - RNG - our first place winner and sent off the custom.

CONGRATULATIONS TO STIKA! You should have your custom in your transfers now!

A quick note:
We will be doing more impossible custom contests as we reach our goals!

If you want to see more of them, help support us by sharing our page / our content if you are able to do so!

Here is our goals for each SM Platform:
Facebook - 5,627 followers (Contest @: 6,500)
Twitter - 285 (Contest @: 500)
Reddit - 119 (Contest @: 500) - (I did enable it so you all could post on here freely, prior to that you had to have permissions, so feel free to share content on here to your hearts desire!)
Pinterest - 82 (Contest @: 500)
Instagram - WE REACHED IT!

Another reminder that if we reach 1k subscribers on YOUTUBE, Estu will release the customs in her Waja Park Customs group into the Waja park, AND we will begin doing lives on youtube.

Zel is rounding up the carnival stuff, so please hold tight while she works on getting that together.

This document lets you know where I am with sending stuff out, I've got a few PMs claiming their prizes I will get to after this, otherwise check there to see where I am as far as my contests go (it also has a SM tracker so you can ez pz check and see where we are as far as that goes).

That said, what platform(s) would you like to see games on? I'm almost done with the walkthroughs and I'd like to start pressing hard on these other ones. Also, what's your favorite types of games that I have been doing? This helps me know what kind of games to release more often - though we will still be doing all types.

Thank you everyone for your support!
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