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Carnival of the Sun 2020!
Zeldruin August 1, 2020 1:08 am

There's been a buzz of excitement in the air all day. You couldn't quite put your paw on it, everything has seemed normal, but you've felt it. A sense of anticipation.

No one else pays much mind to the staffer when she comes by with a large scroll, but you do, ears perking as you watch from your spot in the main square. She stops at the bulletin board, fumbling a bit, first dropping pins, then almost losing the colorful paper to the breeze.

You get up to go help but she sorts herself out, moving various pages and notices around to make room for the banner. When it's secure she picks up her pins, notices you and waves, then walks away as you trot over to see what's going on.

That vague sense nagging you all day fairly explodes as you read, your excited barking calling everyones attention to the announcement:


The carnival is in full swing by the time you arrive, the abundance of lights, sounds, and scents enough to make you dizzy, but you can't wait to dive in. The beach has been transformed, from the tree line to the tide line, into a long fairway packed with activity. You sit just inside the marked entrance, taking it all in.

"Come one, come all! Welcome, welcome, Wajans! Come on in, gather 'round, don't be shy!" You turn your head, noticing a pretty candy colored Spitz to your left you haven't seen before. She's standing on a little stage platform with a crowd around her, beaming brightly. Figuring she must be the one in charge, you head over to listen.

"Welcome to the second annual Festival of the Sun! As you can see, this year's theme is a summer carnival! My name is Jubilee! I've been helping out with Lunaria's summer festivals for a while now. This year, though, Apollo's put me in charge, and it's my time to shine! It's great to finally meet you all properly, and I hope you enjoy this year's activities!

"There's so much to do, a little something for everyone! Hungry? Start off with some carnival treats! There's candy floss, my personal favorite, popcorn, and Paisley is even offering her signature twice roasted, double coated deep fried BUGS!
Try them with the secret sauce, they're SO tasty!

"Are you a ride kind of Waja? Head on down the way, we've got all your favorites!

"Or have you got your eyes on the prizes? We've got contests, games, and even more games to challenge you!


Digital Art
The best pixel wranglers you've ever seen! Think you can claim that top prize?

Traditional or Mixed Media Art
You didn't think you hands on artists were left out did you? The things people can do these days, you simply won't believe it!

Food Art
Nothing is safe from those with the creative flair, not even your lunch!

Design a Waja
Test your skill in the demo! Believe me, you won't regret it!

Dress a Waja
Grab your pups and hop on the runway, the fashion scene is on FIRE this season!

Arts and Crafts
Step outside the lines, off the paper, and out of the box! Let your craftiness shine!

Scavenger Hunt
There's even a good, old fashioned scavenger hunt if you need a break from all the other action, because really, no festival would be complete without one! Only it's not so old fashioned this time around! Do you have what it takes?

Users Crafts on Social Media just can't contain the fun! Lets take this to the wide world beyond before we burst!

You won't find better food then right here, but if you think you have, share it for everyone to try!


"And that's not all! Flash mini games will pop up periodically and there is so much cool stuff going on at our Facebook page I can't even keep track of it!

"I've even thrown down the gauntlet at STAFF! And the best part?

EVERYTHING lasts all month long!
Starting today, August 1st, you have all the way until 11:59PM WST (Wajas Standard Time) to try anything or everything you want.
No more weekly time limits!

"There's a cozy chat thread over yonder to have a sit and gab, and if you have any questions about any part of the Carnival check out the FAQ or post new ones here.

"So, what are you waiting for? Where would you like to start?"

Also see the news below for important craft info!

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