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Keychains & Pins
Zestu June 25, 2020 12:30 pm

Hey Everyone!

Thank you all so much who bought keychains and pins so far! It's insanely exciting to see the interest and have our own, actual TANGIBLE merch! Once the current listings sell out Wajas has made even on the investment.. Which will make me comfortable ordering more!

However, Im going to lower the quantities I ordered and increase the variety. Im eyeing Vyra and Artemis for sure. I gotta sketch out some rough ideas then I will show you. I will try to keep the same prices if I can. They seemed like the lower end of prices that I could see on Etsy.

Most orders have already shipped!! If you place your order before 3:30pm Wajas time, I can have those dropped off this evening. I put 3-5 days to ship on Etsy just to be safe but right now Ive got SUPER SPEED. So they're shipping quickly!

I cannot wait to hear from those of you who bought them! I hope you truly enjoy your Wajas Merch!

~ Much love,

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