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Wajas Pins & Keychains
Zestu June 23, 2020 5:32 pm

Hey All!

I have listed our pins and keychains up on Etsy. There's only 50 each. I have more available but I figured I would do it in smaller batches. See how things go. Please understand that this is my first time doing this and I'm super nervous haha. But I think I have everything ready to go! Just gotta print labels.....

Anyway, here it goes:

Apollo Keychain

Apollo Pin

Combo Deal: Both Keychain & Pin

Based on how this goes will determine the next release.... :D

Thank you all so so so much for your continued support of Wajas. I never thought that I would have tangible merch. It's really... amazing. Im.. just.. yeah... Love you guys! @__@


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