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Zestu May 17, 2020 1:19 pm

Hey Everyone!

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. It kind of feels like spring today.. The sun is actually out for us, people are mowing their lawns. Just need that temp to go up!

We have some updates for you guys!

Fatal has redrawn the Cat contacts, Evil contacts and Glowing contacts as well as added new varieties-
Cat Contacts: Black, Brown, Blind, Orange, Pink, Purple, Sapphire, Red (Balloon Pop)
Evil Contacts: Albino, Blind, Brown, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Sapphire, White (Forum Goblin)
Glowing Eyes: Albino, Black, Lime, Pink, Sapphire, Silver (Raccoon King)

Canta sent in a bunch of Glowing Orbs for the Effects shop: Black, Blue, Cream, Cyan, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, white, Yellow

Splinter sent in some Overlays for the Foreground shop: Acid, Black, Blue, Ice, Lava, PLasma, Poison, Spectrum, Water

A lot of you already know but I also added a handful of textures over the last few days: Acid Blue, Blaze, Bokeh, Brownie, Crystals Inverted, Crystals, Electric, Electric Gold, Electric Rainbow, Galaxy Blue, Galaxy Pink, Galaxy Purple, Gilded, Rainbow Light, Sprinkles and Zombie. Zepher added them to wands but I dont know off the top of my head which ones... I know, Im ever so helpful haha.

I think that's everything from the last few days....

Bug ya soon,
~ Estuko

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