A few quick notes:

  1. Please DO NOT send bugs, glitches, problems, etc to coders or admins in personal messages. Use the modbox.
  2. As you probably all know - there was an unfortunate data loss near the end of november. We have been working very hard to try and patch together the data from a previous backup.
  3. We are considering this a "soft-launch". with that having been said - if we find any huge flaws that require it - we can and will "roll-back" the data, but please don't count on this and play recklessly (ie. don't sell your favorite wajas and give away all your items). We are hoping this data import will work, but if it does not... So please, just play normally and hopefully you enjoy some of the new features!
  4. There are several TEMPORARY (very temporary) changes we have made to the code to help make up for lost time!
    1. The buying limits in the shops have been increased
    2. Everyone who had an account that was not expired has had their account expire date increased by 40 DAYS!
  5. Please utilize the modbox, and be sure to put your issues under the right category, and please be specific when possible. Writing something like "I tried to use a Jester Dye on my Waja (id#: 55555), and I received an error saying I was trying to use an invalid dye" rather than "Dyes are broken, please fix, k thnx bye" - your time and effort will greatly help us address any issues. Please use the modbox for things such as bugs and not opinions or suggestions.