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Have you ever thought the world would be better if dogs were rainbow colored? Have you ever wished that wolves had wondrous wings, that foxes flew on feet of flames, that dingoes dressed to disco dance? Did you ever look long and hard at a pregnant pooch and ponder whether or not her pups would resemble her, her mate, or possibly come out bright blue with yellow spots?

Did you ever find yourself wanting the power to make this happen?

Wajas is a breeding sim like no other. With twelve breeds, over sixty markings and mutations, and a range of colors limited only by your imagination, Wajas provides almost limitless possibilities. Breed yourself a hoard of pure purple Plushies, a bundle of baleful bespotted Banes, an array of amazing and angelic Africans… or just see how many of all of them you can scoop together! Fancy decorating your favorite fursona? There are over 600 accessories, pets, wallpapers, and decorations to choose from, ranging from the common Red Collar to the rare and elusive Pink Tutu. Think you have the determination to breed that one perfect waja? To save for that one special super shiny item? To build the army you envisioned when setting out to conquer the world of Wajas?

Welcome to Wajas! We’ve been waiting for you.